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Deploying to production via FTP using GIT hooks

In this post, we address a common development task of pushing to production. This tutorial assumes you are working on linux, use GIT for version control and are somewhat familiar with python. I’ve only recently started using python for scripting and I can say it’s very friendly for these kind of tasks. Also, I assume […]

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Colored Text Output in Linux Shell and Bash Scripts

This script is used in a lot of other scripts I produce over time, and it’s very handy for generating colored text output in the terminal. Example of usage Here’s an example of using the colors.sh script: #!/bin/bash source colors.sh echo “${fg_yellow}Yellow ${fg_reset}Normal ${fg_green}Green {$fg_reset}”; Download You can view or download the script here: https://invision-web.net/web/sources/colors.sh […]

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