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Creating HTML Links with Page Titles using Raw URLs in Linux Shell

Given a plain text list of URLs (for example links in your history) you want to create a list of HTML links which have the same title as the page’s document title. Offcourse, you want to do it with a script! Example input: https://www.invision-web.net/ https://www.share-2-web.com/ Example output: <a target=”_blank” href=”https://www.invision-web.net/”>InVision-Web.net :: Top work at Web […]

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InVision jQuery Gallery plugin

Web masters often tend to make their web images look neet and fancy. For example, lightbox is today one of the most popular image plugins. However there are also numerous other gallery plugins. And by saying gallery I mean a group or a list of images. The one presented here is of my own creation […]

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