Cleaning up your code: Find All Source Files with “TO-DO” comments in Linux Shell

Keeping track of your TO-DO‘s is not always easy!

Especially if your using mostly plaintext editors for coding your scripts and programs. It’s a good habit to clean up your source code every once in a while and do what you intended with the TODO remark in the first place. Most modern IDE’s have this TO-DO finding feature already integrated, however, sometimes you can work faster using plaintext editors (and also leave a big mess behind :-) ).

For the same messiness I often exert myself, I created this short script to help me clean up the source code, implement the “dummy functions” and not to forget what I need TO-DO!

Basic Syntax

./todofind [directory=.]

Example of Usage

todofind /home/invision/project/

Sample output:

Total: 15 TO-DO(s) in 9 files


You can view or download the script here:

Or obtain it via shell:

wget -qO- > todofind
chmod +x todofind


# search TODO comments in source code
while getopts "h?" opt; do
    case "$opt" in
                echo "Script for enlisting all files" \
                "and lines with TODO keyword (for source code)"
        echo "Usage:"
        echo "$0"
        exit 0


extensions="php html xml js css sh h c cpp java pl py";

for ext in $extensions ;
        find $(pwd)/ -name "*.$ext" >> $temp 2> /dev/null;


while read file
        cat $file \
                | grep -swiE 'todo|to-do|to do' \
                > $greptemp 2> /dev/null; found=$?

        todocount=$(cat $greptemp | wc -l);
        if [ $found -eq 0 ] ; then
                echo $file
done < $temp ;

echo "Total: $totalcount TO-DO(s) in $filecount files";

rm $temp
rm $greptemp

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