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About Kristijan Burnik

Kristijan Burnik is a Programmer and Web Developer specializing in Server-side and Client-side Technologies and Application Development on Linux Servers and Windows Desktop . Also has experience in Networking, Desktop application development as well as Android mobile application development . Experienced in Programming Languages like Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Javascript, MySQL and somewhat in other languages like Bash, Perl & Python. Sometimes he works as a Graphical Designer for digital production as well as for printing and advertising. He dedicates his spare time writing Tech Articles on his blog in order to share his work with others, as well as to document his projects for his own use. He's also an Educator & Mentor in field of Algorithms and Programming to young programmers in Zagreb, Croatia.

The GIT Cheat Sheat

In this article, I’ll be enlisting some of the most common git commands I use when working on software projects. # configure the environment and working user git config –global “John Doe” git config –global “” git config –global color.ui true # create the bare repository (for push/pull) repo=repository.git mkdir $repo && cd […]

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Computing Arithmetic Expressions given as Strings: C++ Solution

The most basic task any programming language should be able to handle is to compute arithmetic expressions including constants, numbers, variables as well as function calls and other value holding “objects”. I’ve written a simple C++ solution that can solve very simple arithmetic expressions. I think it’s a good starting point for anybody trying to […]

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Turing Machine Simulation written in Javascript and PHP

Few years back I’ve been working on a Turing machine implementation in PHP and Javascript. Try out the javascript animated simulation first and then continue reading. Turing machine animated simulation START SIMULATION (press F5 to restart) Delay (1/speed): 30 ms of delay More delay (slower) | Less delay (faster) The Turing machine definition: This file […]

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InVision Framework: The View Template Language

Many modern web applications follow the Model-View-Controller pattern in order to separate concerns, or in detailed terms: to avoid mixing the backend processes, business logic, the data structuring and the way all gets displayed to the user. Following this pattern I have developed a simple language which is quite neat, easy to use and understand […]

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InVision jQuery Gallery plugin

Web masters often tend to make their web images look neet and fancy. For example, lightbox is today one of the most popular image plugins. However there are also numerous other gallery plugins. And by saying gallery I mean a group or a list of images. The one presented here is of my own creation […]

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